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Grosvenor Heights

Bethesda, MD

How do you balance the environmental needs to limit cutting down trees in a forest and constructing a Soundwall to lower the highway noise reaching a new apartment development?

You build a wall in the woods!  To limit tree cutting, a 10 foot wide limit of disturbance was provided along the length of a 756 linear feet long wall. A 25-foot wide construction entrance was provided at a third point along the wall to bring in materials.  The wall ranged in height from 15 feet to 33.5 feet tall.


To be able to build the “wall in the woods” a low headroom drill rig was used to install drilled shafts.  Once the shafts were complete steel posts were bolted down to the shafts and lightweight AIL fiberglass panels were laid in between the flanges.  The use of the bolt down method and the lightweight panels made for easier installation in the tight constraints of the 10-foot wide construction limits.


Not counting the upfront planning to be able to build the project, Soundwall construction took 10 weeks to install 17,417 square feet of wall.  Construction was longer than a conventional highway wall but, the tree save aspects allowed for a beautiful forest to remain intact for this new apartment complex with a Wall in the Woods!



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