Slope Stability

No one plans for a landslide or a slope stability problem but GeoStructures can provide you with innovative options when you have a stability problem with the following:

  • Existing Landslides
  • Shallow Slope failures
  • Steepen Slopes beyond what the soil can resist by itself
  • Deep Seated Slope Stability Failure Surfaces due to Fat Clays or Marine Clays
  • Embankment or MSE wall Instability over Soft Soils
  • Load Transfer Platform Support

SRT Plate Pile Technology

Allows you to reinforce shallow slide planes in place.

Geopier Technologies

(Rammed Aggregate Pier® systems, CTA Piers, GeoConcrete™ Columns)

Provides ground improvement options for medium deep slides with a variety of shear strength possibilities.

Drilled Shafts

  • Provides high strength concrete columns to resist deep seated slides.
  • Can be combined with Post and Panel Walls to change grades as well.