News & Events 2021

  • GeoStructures, Inc. receives Safety Award!

    GeoStructures, Inc. receives Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. GOLD LEVEL STEP Award. Geo received GOLD LEVEL in recognition of our continued growth and advancements of the company Safety Program. The Geo team continues to expand the Employee Health & Safety programs with the recent hire of Jared Fleeger, MS, GSP as Safety Specialist. Stay Posted!

  • GeoStructures Has a New Cousin!!

    GeoStructures, a member of the Terratest Group of Companies is pleased to announce that ASAP Group has been acquired by Terratest Group as part of a solid expansion into the North American market.

    ASAP Group was established 15 years ago and has grown into an all-round partnership of foundation companies specializing in a broad variety of shoring and foundation support methods. Its unique patented Sheetpiler™ technology makes ASAP one of the premier shoring companies in Florida. The Sheetpiler™ technology enables sheet piles to be installed using vibration and crowd through high blow-count material, such as Florida lime rock even at distances up to 50 feet away from the center of the pile. This makes for fast and clean installation of support of excavation walls for highway widenings, canals, water control structures, marinas and building construction.

    Mike Cowell, CEO of GeoStructures said “We are excited about our new group member and the potential to expand the use of the Sheetpiler™ technology to add value to design-build support of excavation projects. The technology is truly amazing in how it allows you to access areas quickly and drive sheets uniformly through the toughest mixed soil conditions!”

    Terratest was founded in 1959 in Spain and is a leading international provider of foundation works, ground improvement and micro-tunnelling services for large-scale international infrastructure projects, industrial, commercial, and residential construction. Terratest is a growing leading international operator in its sector, with activities in more than 25 countries.

    This will be the second company that Terratest has acquired in the US. ASAP Group in Florida will join GeoStructures, Inc., a leader in ground improvement, support of excavation and earth structures technology as Terratest companies. Both companies will be working closely together, supporting and growing the USA market.

    It is an exciting time and we can expect a great future for ASAP Group, GeoStructures & Terratest.

  • Construction of a new Movie Studio is underway in Brooklyn, NY

    Construction of a new Movie Studio is underway in Brooklyn, NY! The site is bound by a Long Island Railroad storage lot to the north, the bustling Johnson Avenue to the south, a commercial building to the west, with a portion of the previously existing building remaining in the center of it all. GeoStructures is utilizing Geopier Impact® Pier elements to control settlement of column footings, wall footings and the slab on grade. Advancement of Impact Pier elements in the site’s historical fill containing brick, concrete, asphalt and other miscellaneous construction debris has proved to be particularly challenging. The solution to this problem is the implementation of pre-drilling methods, in which the soil is augered in advance of installing the Impact Pier. Pre-drilling is also being utilized to help minimize vibrations, while working in close proximity to the existing structures. Furthermore, in an effort to avoid undermining the existing Long Island Railroad tracks to the north of the site, a shallow grade beam foundation will be constructed along the length of the tracks. GeoStructures developed a design-build solution to support this shallow footing using Ductile Iron Piles (DIPs). DIPs provide both compressive and tensile structural capacity to help resist overturning of the shallow footing, while also supporting the structural loads.