Using leading edge technology to solve client problems

Your organization can rely on the latest, most innovative geoengineering technology and solutions thanks to GeoStructures engineers’ hands-on involvement in continuous advanced research and development. Tapping this expertise early in a project can dramatically improve your success — whether in terms of costs, schedules or environmental impact. Here are a few ways advanced technology and expertise add value to your projects:

  • Value-engineering. A wide range of innovative technologies and building systems can be customized to your particular site and project. Based on project cost drivers, alternative solutions can often be found to save time and money, yet still meet the technical requirements.
  • Green from the ground up. The design-build approach can easily address environmental issues. Team members are accomplished graduates of Green Advantage, the only environmental certification program for construction-related practitioners that can contribute to your LEED credits.
  • Deep expertise with Geopier. As the premiere licensee of the Geopier® system in the mid-Atlantic region, GeoStructures has deep insight into its cost-saving abilities. Geopier allows for more efficient foundation alternatives that use fewer piers than standard systems, reducing costs and installation time.
  • Uniquely equipped for the job at hand. GeoStructures has more ground improvement equipment than any competitor in the region, allowing for a more rapid response to compressed scheduling needs.
  • In short, organizations can count on progressive thinking and high-tech solutions for smarter, more efficient ways to succeed. To learn more about how to get specialized expertise and technology, please contact GeoStructures.