February 9, 2018

EVENT: Annual Geopier Conference – Austin, TX

Geopier Foundation Company held its’ annual conference in Austin, TX last week. Geopier licensee’s from around the world gathered for a few days to discuss lessons learned, market trends, and new product technology.

Shana Carroll of GeoStructures presented on how to better serve customers in the digital age with social media

Various awards were presented to individuals for outstanding performance as well as projects that went above and beyond.

Ed O’Malley was the recipient of Geopier’s Founders Award in recognition of his professional lifetime of engineering leadership. Geopier’s Founders award is Geopier’s highest annual award given to a single recipient representing Geopier’s person of the year.


Ed Carrasco of GeoStructures received the Outstanding Engineer Award


Stewart Staton and Shana Carroll of GeoStructures received the Outstanding Project Award for the Arizona Ice Tea project in Woodbridge, NJ