December 18, 2017

NEWS: Congratulations to Pedro Bengochea on Becoming a PE!

Pedro recently passed his PE exam and offered to share some insight as well as what one can expect going through the process.

Becoming a PE:

By: Pedro O. Bengochea, P.E.

The first step in the process of preparing for the PE exam is to be fully committed to studying and remain positive that you will pass. Preparing for this exam was like having two full-time jobs. I studied three hours after work on weekdays, and another twenty-plus hours during the weekends for four consecutive months. I did not attend courses or online classes, which meant that I had to put extra effort toward reading more books and gathering as much reference material as possible. I took my study schedule very seriously, but also made sure to leave time for relaxing, so I destined Fridays for social activities and hobbies. The months of studying were time consuming and stressful, but I was very fortunate to receive a lot of support from my wife, friends, and coworkers.

The days after the exam were a mere torture while waiting for the results, which typically arrive 6 to 8 weeks later. All the effort and wait were worth it when I finally received my results and read that beautiful “PASS”. Now I can call myself PEdro!

Below are a few tips for future exam takers:

  1. Prepare an organized plan of attack.
  2. Know all the steps of the pre-registration process.
  3. Contact all your previous supervisors.
  4. Organize all the application documents and mail them on time.
  5. Prepare a realistic week-by-week study agenda and stick to it no matter what!
  6. Be sure to have the support of your family and friends.
  7. Find a studying area that is free of distractions.
  8. Study by doing tons of workout problems and looking into the theory if you don’t understand the problem or solution.
  9. Prepare a binder with the most important problems for each topic of the exam.
  10. Know how to navigate your reference material. You cannot waste time during the test!
  11. Do not study until the last minute. The day prior to the exam just take a break and relax.