August 23, 2016

NEWS: It’s Back to School Time!

Interns Photo

Pictured Above (L to R):  Mike Cowell, President with Engineering Interns Michael and Rachel, and Engineering Mangers Valerie Merida and Ken Lightbody


Our 2016 interns, Rachel from Bucknell University and Michael from Lafayette University, will be going back to school next week.  During their Summer with Geo, they got to learn about all aspects of Geopier design and pricing, visited project sites and saw load tests being performed.

As part of their stay with us, they recently made presentations on “What they learned during their summer with Geo”.  The presentations provided us with some great insight, contained not only great data but a few good jokes as well…Overall a lot of fun, and great to see the excitement and creativity of our young engineers!  Thanks to the mentoring of Valerie Merida, Ken Lightbody and Joe Zwetchkenbaum (a former intern) for making their summer worthwhile!

Also going back to school is Chad Verdin, project engineer for Geo, who was accepted into the Virginia Tech Geotechnical Engineering graduate school program! From summertime shop helper during high school, to summer QC person for Geopier projects, to final designer on our most challenging Geopier projects, Chad has done it all and now makes us proud by going back to graduate school.  We all wish him the best and look forward to his success at school and beyond….which will hopefully be a return to Geo!

Chad Verdin