Foundation Support

Precast Concrete Piles

Precast Concrete Piles are displacement piles that are one of the most economical pile systems on a cost per lineal foot per load supported basis.

Drilled Shafts

Drilled shafts are often used to solve deep-seated slope stability problems.  When slope failure planes run deep the driving forces are high which require a reinforcing element with a high section modulus placed at a relatively close spacing.  Drilled shafts used for slope stability applications typically consist of 24 to 42 inch diameter reinforced concrete shafts.

Ductile Iron Piles

Ductile Iron Piles (DIPs) are a pre-fabricated driven pile system utilizing high-strength ductile iron pipes that transfer the load from a footing or pile cap, or heavily-loaded slabs to a stiff soil or rock layer to control settlement of a structure.  DIPs can be designed for end-bearing or skin friction depending on the stratigraphy and loading conditions.