Foundation Support

Precast Concrete Piles

Precast Concrete Piles are displacement piles that are one of the most economical pile systems on a cost per lineal foot per load supported basis.

GeoStructures provides precast concrete piles on a design-build basis with allowable capacities ranging from 125 to over 750 kips per pile or as needed for your project.

Benefits of Design-Build

  • Contractor/Designer Committed to Pile Performance
  • Multiple Design Options Results in Best Value
  • All Piles is not the only answer – Can Combine with Ground Improvement Options

Applications for Precast Concrete Piles

  • Building Foundations – Heavy Loads and Soft Soils
  • Tall buildings subject to earthquake loading
  • Industrial buildings with significant horizontal or bending stresses
  • Tank Foundations
  • Embankment and MSE Wall Support
  • Warehouses with heavy floor loading
  • Power Plants

Advantages of Precast Concrete Piles

  • Minimal spoils – great for Brownfield Sites
  • Pile Capacity Confirmed on Every Pile
  • Design/Build process – provides highest value through efficient design
  • Mechanical Splices provide Faster Installation and Minimal Waste

Best Geotechnical Applications

  • Heavy Loading Conditions and Tight Settlement Criteria
  • Deep Soft or Organic Soils over dense sands or bedrock
  • Soft or Loose soils over 30 feet deep

Installation Considerations


Because Hydraulic Hammers are used, piles can be installed very close to buildings and rail lines.

Hydraulic Hammers have a high frequency and a low drop height and can be adjusted to limit vibrations when needed adjacent to critical structures.

Full Length Piles vs. Splices

Mechanical Splices can be used to minimize waste, increase the speed of production and minimize equipment and site logistics for deep piles (> 50 feet).

For piles over 50 feet long GeoStructures can incorporate a mechanical splice that is stronger than the concrete pile itself in both bending and compression.

Splices provide full moment connection and take about 3 minutes to install.