Ground Improvement

The art of Ground Improvement has been around for centuries. Through our commitment to research and development, GeoStructures has been fortunate to be a part of significant advancements with Geopier and Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) technologies in the US over the last 15 years.

Soil Profile_Technology

Introduction of Technology Timeline

  • 1996 – First Geopier® System (Introduced in Mid Atlantic Region by GeoStructures)
  • 2004 – Geopier Impact® System
    Allows aggregate pier production below the ground water table
    No spoils
    Increased capacity with grout added
    Improvement depths to 55+ feet
  • 2005 –Rapid Impact Compaction (United States)
    Controlled Dynamic Compaction
    Insitu Compaction to depths of 25+ feet
    Vibrations below 2 inches per second within 30 feet of structures
    No flying debris – compaction foot stays in contact with ground
  • 2008 –Cement Treated Aggregate (CTA) for Geopier Elements
    Provides high capacity piers 200+ kips
    Provides a means of using aggregate piers in karst profiles
    Can be used when utility /adjacent excavation conflicts are encountered
  • 2010 –Geopier GeoConcrete® Columns
    Concrete columns with high capacities up to 750 kips
    Can be used in soft deep soil for large structures (MSE Embankments, etc)
  • 2013 –Geopier SRT® System (East Coast)
    Provides means for shallow slope reinforcement
    Alternative to expensive Pile or Drilled shaft cutoff walls
    No excavation/replacement required
  • 2013 –Geopier X1® Mandrel
    Allows Large Diameter aggregate piers to be built to depths of 40’+
  • 2014 – We have more in the works to make Geopier technology the foundation of choice!