Full Displacement Columns


FDC (Full Displacement Columns) are a type of rigid inclusion ground improvement system that involves continuously rotating and advancing tooling that causes lateral displacement of the ground, instead of excavation and removal. Lateral displacement results in greater element stiffness and settlement control as compared to other types of non-displacement drilling and/or vibratory ground improvement construction. Once the tooling has been advanced to the design element length, it is withdrawn as grout is pumped into the element, forming a continuous grouted column. This technique is effective when thick deposits of loose or soft compressible soils must be improved so that footing and grade slab settlements are controlled to acceptable magnitudes.

FDC Advantages

■ High productivity

■ Minimal spoils

■ Vibration-free installation

■ Low installation costs

■ Can support heavy structures on soft compressible soil allowing the use of shallow foundations and grade slabs


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Ground Improvement Applications

■ Soft and loose soil sites

■ Contaminated soil and undocumented debris fill sites

■ Groundwater protection regions

■ Sensitive sites with vibration

■ Close proximity to occupied buildings

■ Close proximity to levees without creating zone of under-seepage and drainage that may cause instability


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