Sound Walls

Sound walls have become an integral part of nearly all new roadway projects and residential development projects being built adjacent to busy roads.  GeoStructures provides customers design-build options based on the local government regulations, aesthetics, noise studies, and site topography and geology.  The benefits of using a design-build construction process for soundwall construction include:

Cost Effectiveness – Because the design and construction processes are fully integrated multiple alternatives can be designed and priced at a conceptual level to develop the most cost effective option quickly.  Pricing can be impacted by a lot of factors (post spacing, foundation conditions, local wind speed conditions, local suppliers, form liner finishes) which can be flushed prior to finalizing a design.

Speed – The time frame to design and price a new soundwall based on a soundwall profile and borings can be a matter of a few weeks, which is less than half the time it would take to design a wall and put it out to bid.

Alternatives – By following the design build route you can have alternatives provided to determine where you want to spend money (Form liner finish, stain, future expansion, etc.) or not.

Sound Absorptive Concrete Soundwalls

Sound absorptive walls are specified for situations where you do not want sound to reflect off of a wall and affect a source opposite that wall (narrow roadways, etc.).  They have a special surface texture which is porous to absorb sound.  Panels can be made with the absorptive material and a form liner finish as needed for aesthetics.

Lightweight absorptive soundwall panels used for bridge mounted or wall mounted soundwalls are normally made of metal or plastics and have a rock wool absorptive material inside the panel.

Soundwalls-495-1    Soundwalls-495-2
Sound Absorptive Concrete Soundwall Panels with Concrete being installed on the I-495 HOT Lanes Project, Fairfax, VA    

Case Study: I-495 HOT Lanes Project, Fairfax, VA

Soundwalls-495-3    Soundwalls-495-4
Lightweight Sound Absorptive Panels being installed (left) and Posts being installed on top of MSE Wall for Lightweight Soundwall (right)

Case Study: I-495 HOT Lanes Project, Fairfax, VA

Common Concrete Soundwall Architectural Finishes

Common Concrete-1
Fluted Finish with Absorptive Facing – facing traffic

Common Concrete-2
Fuzzy Rake Finish with Reflective facing– residential side

Common Concrete-3
Ashlar Stone Finish with Reflective facing – residential side

Common Concrete-4
Ashlar Stone Finish with Absorptive facing – traffic side

Common Concrete-5
Fuzzy Rake Finish with reflective facing – residential side

Common Concrete-6
Fluted Absorptive Finish with security railing on top