The Yards at Three Crossing

Pittsburgh, PA



From industrial epicenter to a historic market district, The Strip District has seen it all. This half-mile long stretch of land between the Allegheny River, the Hill District, and 11th and 33rd Streets represents everything Pittsburgh stands and is known for.

This new five-story multi-family development, on the former Pitt Ohio Express truck yard along the Allegheny River, mixes contemporary and historic. The building includes at grade parking with a podium and stick-frame construction above with an acre of green space along the River.

This development has achieved LEED Gold status including sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, Innovation in design, and regional priority.


The strip district in Pittsburgh is notorious for the challenges that cannot be seen at the surface. The ground under this site consisted of loose urban fill that is comprised of a mixture of ash, cinders, coal, slag, and demolition debris. These deposits were placed over soft, saturated, alluvial deposits. With loads ranging from a low of 75 kips to a high of 424 kips the need to control differential settlement for the structure was very important. Additionally, there was significant risk associated with the fills already on site. Compounded with the proximity to the river, traditional techniques were determined to be cost and technically prohibitive.



The use of the Geopier RAP system allowed for design and construction of traditional spread footings in spite of the undocumented fills on the site. Due to the presence of a high groundwater table, the potential for the loose poorly graded sand to cave, the desire to limit soil removal, and in order to reach up to 21 feet below the site to fully mitigate the loose site soils, the Geopier Impact® System was used. The Geopier Impact Pier system is a full displacement aggregate pier system that is installed in a casing that enables it to be installed below the water table and in caving soils. Since the casing displaces the soil laterally during installation no spoils are generated during installation which can be important for contaminated or brownfield sites.

Approximately 1,000 Impact pier elements were installed in five weeks, allowing the project to stay on schedule around the Holiday season.



Oxford Development Company - Pittsburgh, PA


Rycon Construction Inc - Pittsburgh, PA


WTW Architects - Pittsburgh, PA


Barber & Hoffman, Inc - Cranberry Township, PA


Langan - Canonsburg, PA


ACA Engineering, Inc - Pittsburgh, PA


Geopier Impact® System


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